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48 Hours Left To Mint Daisychains!

Hi friends.

Considering that Twitter is our main distribution channel and it's currently being rate-limited, we wanted to let you know that Daisychains, the collection from the new Logged Universe story, MS-OS, is only available to collect for another 48 hours (ends on Monday 14:00 GMT).

You can mint it here:

Daisychains: Life In Every Breath
NFT Memorabilia from MS-OS

Read the story here:

Logged Universe #5 - MS-OS — Untitled Frontier
Happy to announce the fifth story in the Logged Universe! MS-OS by Andy Tudhope. A simulated soul, finding themselves back in the real world, in Anchor City, remains confused about their place in all things. Blurring realities again, they undergo a new journey. The stories are free to read &

And then, if you are curious how the Daisychains were designed and coded, read this post.

Behind The Scenes: Crafting the Onchain Daisychains — Untitled Frontier
Dive deeper into the technical behind the scenes of the onchain SVG collectibles for the Logged Universe story, MS-OS.

Thank you for the support receive thus far! We appreciate it.