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Behind The Scenes: Crafting the On-chain SVG Capsules

Learn more about how the capsules were created.
Behind The Scenes: Crafting the On-chain SVG Capsules

Hi friends!

Thank you for reading the 4th Logged Universe story, "Upstream Glitches", and supporting it through buying the collectible memorabilia for the story: "Capsules of All Our Lives". There's only 3 weeks left to mint a capsule!

Mint them here: http://capsules.untitledfrontier.studio/

Behind The Scenes:

Behind the Scenes: Crafting the On-Chain SVG Capsules — Untitled Frontier
With each Logged Universe story, we try to find an artifact from it that could become a generative art NFT collectible: both a way for fans to collect something meaningful, but also as the primary way to support the production of the story. Here, we delve into how a smart contract generates the SVG

Creating the colourful capsules requires crafting smart contracts to concatenate various SVG components together. We detailed this process in the hopes that others can learn how they work, and hopefully more can create them.

Enjoy it!

Twitter Space with Vesta Gheibi:

Next week on Monday, we'll also be talking with Vesta about the story, Upstream Glitches. Join for a discussion on sci-fi, regen economics, and storytelling!


If you have any questions, do let us know!

Thank you again for the support. :)