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Witness The Draft - Provenance, Literature, and Onchain Social


A few weeks ago, Untitled Frontier released a new experimental collection focused on documenting the creative process, showcasing provenance, and creating a new onchain social dynamic NFT collection. It's called: "Witness The Draft".

Witness The Draft — Untitled Frontier
At Untitled Frontier, we keep experimenting at the intersection of storytelling, art, and the creative process. “Witness The Draft” is an art project that combines literature, social + dynamic on-chain NFTs, and a novel way to document the creative process.

During November, I (Simon), wrote a draft of a novel for NaNoWriMo and each day logged a sentence along with word count into a smart contract. Then, an NFT collection was created from those logs into an onchain SVG NFT project that also allows collectors to witness the pieces of others, opening and closing the eyes.

16 of the 30 pieces are available on OpenSea to collect for 0.31 ETH each.


If you want your piece to be witnessed, reply in the twitter thread.

We are also excited to announced that next story in The Logged Universe is currently in development. More news soon! Please share and see you soon in the simulation!