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New Story! Logged Universe #5 - MS-OS by Andy Tudhope

Hi friends! Happy to announce the fifth story in The Logged Universe: MS-OS by Andy Tudhope.

A simulated soul, finding themselves back in the real world, in Anchor City, remains confused about their place in all things. Blurring realities again, they undergo a new journey.

You can find the story in all its formats (blog, ebooks, podcasts, & YouTube) here: https://www.untitledfrontier.studio/blog/logged-universe-5-ms-os

The Twitter launch thread is here: https://twitter.com/un_frontier/status/1660639173819203590

As with each Logged Universe story, we will have an accompanying generative art onchain NFT collection. It will be called Daisychains: Life In Every Breath.

Here's sneak peeks! Stay tuned.

To the loyal fans who have collected from EACH of the previous four stories:

Enjoy! Thank you for reading, and please share it!