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The Collector's Tales, The Room of Infinite Paintings, & Logged Universe Updates

The Collector's Tales, The Room of Infinite Paintings, & Logged Universe Updates

Hi everyone!

A lot has taken place since our last newsletter!

Logged Universe S01E03: Little Martians & The Human Memorial Monument

Story 3 by Vanessa Rosa was a success. The story made 3.232 ETH from sales of 119 on-chain Little Martians. You can find them here: https://opensea.io/collection/logged-universe-little-martians

In addition, one of the deluxe AI generated video scenes on Foundation was sold for 0.3 ETH. 11/12 are still available to bid on or buy!

In addition, with the cross-over between the Little Martians & the Logged Universe, do check out Vanessa's continued work with the Little Martians! Follow her on Twitter.

The Collector's Tales  & The Serendipity of Self

We soft-launched our collectible magazine for speculative fiction with Mirror's launch of writing collectibles on Optimism! It's called, "The Collector's Tales".

The Collector’s Tales: A Collectible Magazine for Speculative Fiction — Untitled Frontier
Today, Untitled Frontier, is launching its second media property: a collectible magazine for speculative fiction. With the launch of Mirror’s Writing NFTs, it’s a perfect match for what we had in mind!

The first story is "The Serendipity of Self" by myself, Simon.

Suffering induced memory loss, Grayson wakes up to a world where everyone’s private messages were leaked. Delving deeper, he comes face to face with a surreal new reality.

This story is collectible for 0.01 ETH on Mirror, with a limit of 1,000 editions. It's been collected by 12 collectors! Thank you!

The goal of "The Collector's Tales" will be to have a simpler publishing channel for great, collectible speculative fiction. We'll soon open up the process for writers to submit stories to be published with us! More details will come in the new few months!

Looking forward to opening this up more broadly soon.

The Room of Infinite Paintings (TRIP)

TRIP is a mid-season art project for the Logged Universe.

The Room of Infinite Paintings — Untitled Frontier
“The Room of Infinite Paintings” is a mid-season art project for The Logged Universe. It’s generative on-chain SVG art that is free to mint & that has an infinite supply. Up to 1 million mints, paintings becomes increasingly likely to produce more minimal variations.

It's free-to-mint & infinite, representing a simulate mind's attempt to capture their existence. It has a unique property that, as more are minted, the more minimal the paintings become. 650 have been minted thus far.

You can mint one, for free, here: https://mint.fun/0x4325ac3371f5526fb4190e5b426355c141b85018

Logged Universe S01E04...

The fourth story of The Logged Universe is in progress and currently in editing stages. It's coming and we're excited to share it with you all, soon!

Bonus: Friends of The Fringe

We're big fans of all the fun projects creating new stories and worldbuilding with NFTs! There's been a huge amount of fantastic, high-quality projects that have arrived. One such project is by Prospect (2018) filmmakers, called "The Fringe".

We've taken on an advisory role with the project and happy to support new sci-fi taking form with the medium!

Let's keep telling great new stories and supporting the storytellers!

See you soon for Logged Universe S01E04! :)