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Launch Story: The Line To Anchor City!

Hi! Thank you for joining this journey. I’m really excited to share the first story today!

A story in “The Logged Universe”, titled, “The Line To Anchor City”. It follows an uploaded mind reckoning with his past in order to find his way back to reality.

A Vision Of Anchor City by @MadMaraca. Available to bid on at SuperRare. 100% of proceeds go to her.

It is available to read & listen to in various formats + platforms. E-Books, Online, Podcast, YouTube.

Alongside the cover image, Anchor Certificate memorabilia as NFTs will also be sold. It’s currently in development and should be announced through the newsletter within the next 2 weeks!

It’s been a joy to produce this story. It involved learning how to hire voice talent, and create audio production alongside the usual online + ebook formats. Onwards!

We’ve got a lot more coming down the line, so stay tuned!